Bumper Scuffs

Minor damage like scuffs and scrapes don't need a full re-spray or parts replaced. We can repair the damage and paint the affected area to make it look like new.

Scratches & paint damage

Respraying a whole panel is not always necessary but always expensive! We isolate and repair the damage keeping the painting to a minimum and therefore saving you money.

Mirrors, Moulding & Trims

Exterior mouldings like bumpers and wing mirrors that have cracked do not necessarily need to be replaced. In most cases we use plastic welding to fix the crack and then our usual top quality finish to ensure the repair looks as good as new. Scuffs & scratches to these areas can also be quickly and easily fixed, usually for a very low price - wing mirrors from £30

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Do you lease you car?

If you return your vehicle to the leasing company with any minor damage, it is likely that you will be charged for the repairs. These charges are generally at high end body shop prices. You can get your car repaired by us for a fraction of the cost before you return it and avoid the charges!