If we have been unable to answer your question with our FAQ’s below, please call, email or text us and we will be happy to help.

Can you match any colour?

We can match virtually any colour, of any make/model/year of car. We use computer aided mixing on site to get the right colour match. The system has thousands of formulations so it’s likely we will have yours!

The paints used are made by Standox, one of the worlds leading automotive paint manufacturers.

How do you match the colour?

Your car will have its own paint code located somewhere on your car, usually under the bonnet or in the door. We use this information to get a formulation which allows us to mix the paint to the same colour as your car.

Can you match a metallic or pearl finish?

Yes. We can and do provide repairs to metallic, pearl, mica and combination effect finishes.

My bumper is plastic can it be repaired?

We can repair both colour-coded (Painted) plastic bumpers and textured (black/grey) plastic bumpers. Black plastic trim inserts and split plastic panels can also be repaired.

Do you do insurance work?

Yes. We will need authorisation from the insurer to proceed. if your insurer has asked for an estimate we will be happy to assist.

Can you work in bad weather?

Yes, but it does depend on how bad! If it's a stormy day with wind and rain then the chances are we will have to postpone. We keep a tab on the forcasts and will call you beforehand if we think it's going to be difficult. Multiple repairs are more susceptible to this as it's harder to cover & waterproof the vehicle. Light wind on its own will not stop work. If its gale force then it would. If you have a reasonable sized garage, that we can work in, then this would allow for work to continue.

Will the repair be as good as new?

No repair will be identical to the original manufacturers finish. Cars are painted in plants using machinery capable of tolerances far beyond what can be achieved by hand. However, we provide a high quality hand finished repair, which will be undetectable to the untrained eye.

How quickly can you come out?

We will always try to work to your convenience. Some customers need an emergency repair there and then (eg so dad doesn’t know they bumped the car!)At busier times it can take a little longer. If you can book further in advance to allow us to arrange other calls in your area, we will usually provide a discount.

Can you come to me on a weekend?

Yes! We work every day of the week, to ensure our customers needs are met. One of our regulars is an estate agent, he use’s country lanes a lot which means minor scratches on his vehicle. Because he works a six day week we come out on a Sunday every 6 weeks to repair & polish up his beloved Volkswagen Golf!

How long does a repair take?

On average between 1 to 2 hours from start to finish.

Once the repair is finished, how soon after can I drive my car?

Your car is ready to drive immediately.

Will the repair be guaranteed?

Yes. All work carries a lifetime ownership guarantee which applies to the car owner initiating the service (guarantee exemption where there is a change of vehicle owner). The guarantee does not apply where there is accidental damage and does not cover normal wear and tear.

* Sorry, we're unable to offer a guarantee for interior repairs. See more about our Lifetime Guarantee - link

What size repairs do you tackle?

We are SMART repair specialists. SMART stands for Small Medium Area Repair Technique, which means we specialise in small and medium sized repairs.

Do you have SMART technicians in my area?

We mainly work in the county of Devon but we can cover most of the South West from Bristol, through parts of Dorset, Somerset and Cornwall. For counties outside Devon; dependant on the distance, type of repair and how quickly you need us, there maybe an additional fuel surcharge – but we will always advise of this first!

We work regularly in Taunton, so if located within Taunton the surcharge does not apply.

How much will my repair cost?

If you send us a photo of the damage we can provide you with a quote. If we can’t provide you with a quote from the photo we will arrange to call round and inspect the damage to give you an exact quote – all free of charge.

How do I contact you to arrange a quote or if I have a question?

Simply visit the contact us page on our website!

Payment methods

Payments are made after the satisfactory repair. We accept cash or cheque and we will provide you with an invoice detailing the work that was carried out – please keep this invoice safe – it's your guarantee.

Privacy policy

Customer details will only be used by Repairsmart UK Ltd.

Any personal information including financial such as cheques, billing address etc. will be only used for invoice, marketing and statistical purposes by Repairsmart UK Ltd. If you do not wish to be included in any marketing please just let our technician know.

Do you lease you car?

If you return your vehicle to the leasing company with any minor damage, it is likely that you will be charged for the repairs. These charges are generally at high end body shop prices. You can get your car repaired by us for a fraction of the cost before you return it and avoid the charges!